Friday, 27 December 2013

cat eye liner, red lip

the best thing i've read on the internet lately has to be "you don't just ask someone with winged eyeliner why they're late". while i've been wearing cat eye liner basically every day for the last, gulp, six years and i'm pretty quick with the flicks now, i still have those days when i have to accept they're sisters, not twins, and move on. i've tried every kind of liner; i started with pencil then graduated to liquid, dabbled with gel and most recently thought i was a felt tip pen kinda gal. however, when my chantecaille liner ran out a few weeks ago, i decided to try an old favourite out for size: the dior style liner. it's a tiny, precise little brush that's steepest in the most black, pigmented liquid. okay, if you're a cat eye beginner, this is not for you - it requires a very steady hand - but if you're au fait with it now, i really recommend you try this out. it's much easier to get right in at the lashes with the tiny brush, and add thickness little by little until you have the perfect arch, and finally, wing it out at the end. i always do mine before my mascara which looks freakish at the time but it's worth it to save any tiny gaps between your lash line and eye liner. i do a super tight line, then add mascara and even out any discrepancies and add a little flick. i've been loving the lancome doll eyes hypnose mascara lately; harrods have this set of two for under £10! the pointed brush is great for grabbing every last lash, and it gives a really fully, pretty look to my lashes. after going blonder over the summer, i shafted my once-loved NARS heatwave lipstick, thinking it was too bold with my new hue. then i remembered: i don't care! it's party season so more is more. super long-lasting and non-drying, i can't believe i ever strayed from this perfect orangey red. finally, i've been wearing my BECCA shimmering skin perfecter powder basically every day; i have the moonstone shade, which is a soft candelit colour. i use my real techniques contour brush and dust it down the bridge of my nose, and over my cheekbones to give my face a little sculpture and catch the light. what are your old favourites? on a final note, this quote from the Queen Of Great Cat Eyes, dita von teese should make you feel better: "Usually I find I keep drawing both sides until they look even, which is why sometimes I have a small cat eye, and other times it’s huge, it’s major." - see, if she doesn't get it right every time, us mere mortals can't be expected to!

(quote via into the gloss)


Mlle W said...

Your cat-eyeliner looks like 60s perfection and you are so right about using your fave red lip, even now your blonder. Thank you for the link to the Harrods sale: the Chantecailles look like a fantastic deal

Madeline said...

Great look ! Loved hearing that you too still struggle with eyeliner, makes me feel a bit better haha

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Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

Deenie said...

Your cat eye liner always looks lovely, I couldn't really dare to go for the dior style liner as mine never really end up as twins or sisters- more like distant cousins! I also looove the red lips on you, so gorgeous :)

SheDreamsInPerfectFrench said...

"They're sisters, not twins." Best thing I've heard in a while. And so true of my liner. Every time. I totally feel you and Dita!

Love the look! The lipstick is not too much at all. :)

Shani x

Kate said...

Gorgeous lip colour :) x

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

beautiful beautiful

Maria Fallon said...

HOW do you always look so stunning?! I have been playing around with liquid eyeliner recently and although I still can't get them even I AM improving!

Maria xxx

daniella-r said...

I love that lip colour! I can never seem to find the perfect red for me!
Daniella x

Janet Taylor said...

Pretty make up! Happy new year!

Tallia said...

You are so pretty. The lipstick looks beautiful on you

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Tallia said...

You are so pretty. The lipstick looks beautiful on you

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