Friday, 3 January 2014

a coral combination

i'm daniela morosini, and i'm totally blusher-phobic. maybe it's my naturally flush face, or a fear of looking too made up, or even that growing up in an italian family meant a lifetime of having my cheeks pinched, but i tend to stray away from the rosy stuff. when i have my make up done by other people, i tend to bite my tongue and let them put some on, and sometimes i like it, i really do. but other times, it feels too...obvious, perhaps? and it's usually the first thing i'd wipe off before heading out. maybe it's my face shape (i did okay in the cheekbone lottery, not so well in the dark circle one. swings and roundabouts) but i've never really warmed to it. i have the NARS deep throat blush which is a really nice soft pink on me, but the powdery texture isn't always quite right for my skin type. someone recommended i try the NARS liquid illuminators instead, and boy, this is something i can get behind. they're so light-weight, and just a tiny, half-a-pea-sized amount swept across the apples of my cheeks and up to my cheekbones gives this really soft glow. it's not glittery at all, so don't be spooked by the sparkly tube, and it's easy to apply with your fingers. i give it a once-over with my buffing brush but it's not necessary at all - it sinks right into the skin. the staying power isn't bad, and the classic NARS orgasm shade suits lots of different undertones in the skin. personally, i love it for it's subtlety and the fact it goes with lots of different lip colours. it's a great match with the benefit dandelion lip gloss - i got this mini free with ELLE and love it. helps that it's super yummy too. i've been experimenting with the NARS sheer glow foundation, too - i don't normally like foundation because it feels a little too heavy, but for a night out this stuff is great. in fact, i wore it on new year's eve and a stranger came over to compliment me on how my "skin looked really good - not shiny but not matte". any other night of the year that's probably weird, but that's a good vote of confidence for the product! finally, a hundred and one coats of lancome's doll eyes mascara - sure, it's a little clumpy sometimes but it gives such a full look. what's your favourite blush?


keepthenoiselow said...

You're so beautiful Daniela!

Sarah Barton said...

You look amazing! This foundation totally doesn't work for me :(

S xx

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Lovely subtle look, very beautiful! Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Kate said...

Great look. My favorite blush right now is Milani's Red Vino; it is a true red blush and gives me the most natural looking flush.

Mlle W said...

As a blush-aholic to a blush-a-phobic: I get your obsession with getting the perfect shade: Nars Orgasm & Deep Throat are perfect for soft blondes like you...And getting your cheeks pinched by your Italian family :), adorable

SheDreamsInPerfectFrench said...

I always wear a little bit of blush, because I'm so pale, but whenever I am at a makeup counter, they always, always, always add more blush. So apparently I'm not wearing enough?

I've just gotten NARS Coeur Battant, so that should help, eh?

But my favorite of the last 4 months has been MAC Dame. Such a soft, beautiful pink.

And that was a very detailed comment for a stranger! How odd! And, yet, flattering? :)

Shani x

Maria Fallon said...

This is such a pretty look on you, coral really is the most universally flattering shade!

Maria xxx

Nathalie Jamar said...

I just picked up the NARS illuminator and now I don't know how I lived without it! Adds just the right amount of natural shimmer. perfection!