Wednesday, 29 January 2014

laura mercier enlightenment palette

i'll confess, i'm a sucker for a pretty face. or in this case, a pretty palette. i get so bowled over by packaging and the allure of colours neatly arranged in mosaic pattern that i forget the first rule of palettes: with the exception of the urban decay naked palettes, you'll probably only use three or four shades, despite how many are in there. it's rare you find a palette where you really like, well, everything. the new offering from laura mercier, the limited edition enlightenment palette* isn't anything groundbreaking, but it does provide an exception to that rule. with just a classic selection of high-quality, wearable shades, this is the perfect palette for someone who wants a pretty subtle look that's going to last the day. i'm not a huge eyeshadow wearer, nor the most dextrous, but i found it hard to go wrong with the brushes i used - the real techniques eyes set* has literally a brush for everything, and helpfully labels them so. i used the base brush to apply 'angelic' over my whole lid up to the brow bone (this is so pretty, it's a very soft gold tone perfect for a more natural look) and then used the crease brush to work 'grace' in for some subtle smoke. the brush is pretty big, but it's nicely rounded so i could buff the colour in pretty neatly, and i just used some cotton buds soaked in bioderma if i spilled out over my lid. i used the detailer to apply 'innocence' in my inner corner for a wide-eyed look and up at the top by my browbone. i've not used the pure glow quite so much yet, but it's very soft too, so would work well blended into this smokey eye, or on it's own as a little golden glow. i love, love the blush shade 'angelic' - it's so natural, just-pinched looking. i like my blushes pinky-corally (i love the bright pink look on other girls but with my hair, i go into disney princess territory), and this one gives me a bit of colour to warm up my complexion without looking too obvious. that being said, i can even wear the 'blushing' shade with a lot of buffing from my contour brush from real techniques - it's not as bright as it looks. on the whole, i've been finding myself wearing the 'innocence' for detailing in my inner corners and under my bottom waterline to wake me up a little, and 'grace' for a really cool, understated smokey eye, smushed across the whole lid. 'awakening' is now my go-to blush, which leaves us with rule two of palettes: there'll always be one shade you wish you could have again...


Fashion Ganache said...

This palette looks wonderful, Daniela. I love how natural the colours are and how it really brightens your skin!

Fashion Ganache.

the style crusader said...

Mega babe! xx

daniella-r said...

Awakening is such a pretty colour!
Daniella x

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Sorana Nistor said...

lovely colours on that palette !!
maybe you want to follow each other?
let me know :)