Wednesday, 5 February 2014

ace of bases

the foundation of good make up is er, foundation. or tinted moisturiser, or maybe a great primer, or just something to lift the skin and get it smoothed and prepped. i don't like the idea of "needing" heavy foundation - if you've got blemishes you'd like to cover, go for it, but if you're blessed with good skin but just like the matte or picture perfect effect of a full coverage foundation, then be my guest. personally, i find i like a different finish depending on my mood. my go-to base for a night out or a long day without time for touch-ups is the NARS sheer glow - it's a really workable foundation with a great, believable texture that looks like real skin but totally perfect. most foundations leave me wanting a dab of laura mercier's secret camouflage on the hangover of a bruise i have on my forehead, but this covers everything without looking cake-y. don't be fooled by the 'glow" bit - i wouldn't say it leaves skin overly dewy, but it's definitely a lighter finish than its sister product, sheer matte. honestly, this just stays put and looks great, but i also really like the laura mercier silk creme foundation too if you want something that goes the distance and gives good coverage. for a softer, more undone look the NARS tinted moisturiser is great too - it's not as heavy coverage as some tinted moisturisers, it's more of a glow that evens out the skin tone, but if you want something you can whack on quickly and not need to buff in too much, this is perfect. i actually buy this a little darker than my skin tone for colour surge. if i want a kind of sienna miller vibe, this is my go-to product, along with smudgy eyeliner and lots of bronzer. laura mercier's tinted moisturiser creme compact is another good one for touch-ups - you could do your whole base with it for sure, but i keep it in my handbag for post-up fixes. it's better for my dry skin than a powder compact, and leaves less of a residue.
then, there's the chanel vitalumiere aqua - i used to use this EVERY day, but sometimes i find it oxidises a little on my skin. it's still one to pack for an overnight stay if you've not room (or patience) for brushes as i find it works well blended with fingers, but it's not the fullest coverage. in terms of primer, sarah macnamara's miracle skin transformer is all around good'un - translucent and silicone free, it keeps your make up firmly in place and gives a good SPF20. for a more glowy finish, i'd use NARS or laura mercier's radiance offering, but just every day this is great. finally, recently i've been experimenting with the new by terry CC lumi-serum. this baby is part primer, part CC cream and part serum - basically, it helps balance redness or yellow patches and gives a soft glow. i don't think it makes my make up last much longer, but it makes my skin so softly lit. for me, it doesn't work so well over make up, but it's a great base booster for dull skin. there's four shades for different undertones - i obviously have the white white one. what bases do you like?


Winnie said...

I really need to try the Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer - been meaning to try it out for ages!

Gigi Katz said...

really must try those Nars face products. love everything I have so far but now that I'm hearing your rave I am excited to. xx. gigi.

Maria Fallon said...

I am a massive fan of Dr. Jart + Platinum BB cream fan, it makes my skin look and feel amazing!

Maria xxx

Carla said...

Nars Sheerglow is definitely one that I go back to time and time again. Worth the investment :) Thanks for sharing your favourites!! xx