Sunday, 16 February 2014

clinique kiss it better

before i start, massive thanks have to be given to brad, my ever-patient, long-suffering flatmate, who agreed to be 'kissed better' for this. not content with making him occasionally plait the bit of my hair i can't reach and use the tin can opener for me, he's now a prop for my blog. so thanks, brad. anyway, charity begins at home, am i right? and of course, if you're like me, your home is full of beauty products. like, crammed. groaning. drawers that don't always shut and several "miscellaneous" boxes of blush and bronzer. so it makes perfect sense for the two to come together, no? all of february is clinique's charity drive for kiss it better, their initiative to raise money for the great work at great ormond street hospital. there's a selection of totally covetable products you can snap up to support the work done at GOSH, and treat yourself to something pretty. what i love about the pairing is that it's, yknow, clinique make up, so you're getting a product you're actually going to use and love. my favourite is the super strawberry chubby stick - i can remember being but an excitable intern at a glossy mag when these hit shelves in 2012. i was utterly obsessed, and spent ages running my fingers over them in the beauty cupboard and colour-ordering them into a pinky rainbow. the finish is great - a hit of colour but so moisturising, i love these for everyday or worn over a matte lipstick for a glossier finish. i also love that you can totally whack these on without a mirror, and unlike most things i own that aren't a totally matte lipstick, the colour's got longevity and goes the distance. myself and brad are modelling the shade - if you buy one at house of fraser, both clinique and house of fraser will donate a £1 each to the appeal. there's a handful of other offers available to support GOSH and feed your clinique habit. what could be better?


Winnie said...

This is so cute - as if you convinced him to be a prop for the ol' blog!

I've never actually tried the chubby sticks before, always mean to!

SheDreamsInPerfectFrench said...

Well, he's totally cute, so you should tell him that if he guest stars on your blog more, he'll have a following of his own. ;)

I love how pretty and colorful Chubby Sticks are. I've always loved the Clinique ads for them. I've just never actually tried one!

Shani x
She Dreams in Perfect French

daniella-r said...

These sound like such a nice idea! I lovely Chubby sticks too!
Daniella x


lovely :)

Maria Fallon said...

I have never tried the actual chubby sticks but I love the Revlon ones so I will have to give this one a go!

Maria xxx

Bel said...

Gorgeous! I love those chubby stick things, I have one from Revlon, they're so easy to wear. They suit you (and Bradley) perfectly of course xxxx

FAIIINT said...

Ahh, this is soo cute! And what a great idea for a great cause too. I wish I could pull of a red lip, this colour is beautiful on you!

jessthetics said...

I love this post, the pictures are so sweet! As if I needed an excuse to buy another lipstick, but donating to GOSH is a pretty good excuse! the berry colour is super pretty on you xx

Caroline said...

That is so cute. Love the idea with the red lipstick.
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