Tuesday, 11 February 2014

current most loved

there's been a few shake ups in my make up bag. i've fallen head over heels for a new base, when i never thought i'd stray from my beloved chanel vitalumiere, and i've been trying some darker lip colours for everyday. so firstly, the NARS sheer glow which i know i've hyped on and on about, but trust me, it really is that good.  stays in place all day, no rubbage onto your phone, no shine, no redness, no nothing. just a totally flawless face. still with team NARS, their classic orgasm illuminator's been a most reached-for of late; it's a soft coral tint that instantly perks up my complexion and doesn't need too much faffing about with blending-wise. it goes with lots of different lip colours, too, and never makes me look too 'done' - it's just a great wake up call for the face. my skin's on the dryer side, so often a powder overload isn't the best thing for me, so this is good for a dewy glow. i do love their 'albatross' illuminator powder though - glow without glitter. then, i've been loving the clinique high impact volume mascara*. to the extent where i don't even know where my benefit they're real! is. okay, it's not waterproof (as i learnt the hard way after a blood test that went a little off-piste), but it gives you the best, thickest, fullest lashes. totally clump free, just flutterable long lashes. i've been using the chantecaille compact bronzer* in capri for a little contouring - i add a smidge with my real techniques contour brush then buff it in with a larger brush. this is probably best saved for detail work - it's not a loose powder, so an all-over glow has eluded me thus far. finally, i treated myself to the MAC mehr lipstick. why is it called that? is it named after that famous supermodel? who knows. total impulse purchase (but often my best lipstick purchases are) with my girl pav, but i've been wearing it non-stop. it's a really nice muted wine colour that's slightly pink - i usually total nude or bright red for the day, so this has been a fun way to mix it up. plus it's a MAC matte, so you know it stays put.


Alice Porter said...

Your skin looks so lovely! I can see why you love that foundation, looks really natural and pretty!


daniella-r said...

That lipstick is such a pretty colour
Daniella x

Zoe P said...

Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful. Lots of other synonyms. The lip colour is divine

Zoe xxxxxxxx

Siânicles said...

Aw man, you look amazing. I've been on the look out for a new mascara, as my eyelashes are pathetic, so I'll have to give the Clinique one a go.

Deenie said...

Your skin looks so, so healthy, impressive with all this awful weather! I also love the lipstick, I've been contemplating treating myself to my first ever MAC products, since I intend to check out the store this weekend I'm heading straight for the lippies!

SheDreamsInPerfectFrench said...

Your skin looks great. I need to get a sample of that foundation!

Also, the lipstick looks fantastic!

Shani x
She Dreams in Perfect French

Ciara Pollock said...

I love the real techniques contour brush! x

Maria Fallon said...

This lipstick looks super good on you!

Maria xxx

Anna Nuttall said...

Hi Daniela, looking lovely. I need to try Nars Sheer glow as so many people have hyped up this product.

Simplybeautifulelegant said...

beeautiful products!