Monday, 24 February 2014

mani must-haves

i genuinely love painting nails. i know lots of people find it quite stressful, but i genuinely unwind when i'm methodically removing polish, striping my nails with a new colour and calmly waiting for them to dry. sure, the waiting bit is the worst and more often than not, i get impatient and smudge something, but when i properly set time aside for it, a DIY mani is both therapeutic and somewhat productive (my life might be a mess, but at least my nails are good, no?) first things first: i love a good glass nail file. they're a little pricey, but with one of these bad boys you can really go for it and saw back and forth without damaging your nail or getting raggedy ends. i have the leighton denny crystal nail file - it shapes my nails so so quickly and leaves them smooth, not flaky at the tips. for me, it's worth the splurge for something so effective and long-lasting, but i like the mavala nail files too: they come in packs of seven and last a lot longer than most disposables. next, colour. i'm a die-hard essie fan girl, and while at the moment i'm wearing luxedo (aubergine black) or after school boy blazer (navy black) or licorice (black black), in summer, i love lapiz of luxury. the colour names are cute, but there's such a great selection of shades and they're pretty chip-resistant. also they're invariably on some of of special offer in boots or fragrance direct, making it far too easy to add more to my collection. if i've been a little messy, or i'm attempting a design, the leighton denny precision corrector is my best friend. it comes with a tiny brush and is perfect for cleaning up cuticles or perfecting an intricate pattern. i think the rimmel top coat is my all time fave; cheap as anything and super glossy, it seems to work a lot better than top coats twice the price and keeps chips at bay for a good few days before i have to top up. my nails aren't in the best condition, and flake easily, but this is a very good protector. finally, drying your nails. i reach either for the mavala quick dry oil or the leighton denny miracle mist - the oil seals the colour fast and gives you a bit of nourishment at the nail bed, but the mist really is a miracle if you're in a rush or on the move. it'll have your nails touch-dry in seconds, and fully dry not long after. there you have it! do you like a DIY mani?


Winnie said...

The Leighton Denny corrector sounds awesome! I love Essie...definitely need to replace my Lapiz of Luxury as It went all gloopy ages ago!

Maria Fallon said...

Essie are a new range to me but I bought some a few weeks ago and I LOVE them!

Maria xxx

Caroline said...

You are inspiring me so much .
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Plak Lastin said...

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