Friday, 30 May 2014

what i brought back from new york

top: nyx xtreme shine lip cream in pinky nude, bottom, lip cream in san paulo

i'm back from the big apple, and boy, did i have fun. i actually went out on my own, and stayed with my lovely friend sabrina at her place in brooklyn. i had the perfect break; a weekend spent with sabrina trawling flea markets, eating ice cream, exploring manhattan and becoming queens of coney island, then a few days on my own getting to know the various neighbourhoods (i like chelsea, SoHo, the west village and bowery reminds me of mile end road), visiting the MoMa and doing the odd touristy thing. i had a lot of good food and really good laughs, and all in all, i'm kind of sad to be back. however, asking for a 'glass of water' in an english accent and being met with confused blinks wore thin. also it's so nice to be treated with utter indifference by shop assistants again. also, shopping! i tried to be restrained but picked up a few little treats, including a new NARS tinted moisturiser in saks, as mine's about to run out and my shade is long term out of stock. also in saks, i picked up a set of stella mccartney underwear for a jaw dropping £25 in their sale - it pays to be an awkward back and cup size sometimes. my favourite finds were in nordstrom rack; you all know i love stila, and the brighten and correct concealer was about $6 there. i thought it might be a good dupe for my beloved (but pricey) by terry touch expert, but i don't think the finish is quite as good. this is thicker, and a liiiitle grey. it's still great, but i've been spoilt by the perfect brightness of terry's one. however, this is great to have to conceal blemishes - it's handy with the brush applicator and gives good coverage, and you can blend the two shades in the tube a little to match your skin. nordstrom rack is kind of a trust experiment, as you can't really try the products so you have to hope they suit you. NYX is a favourite for me, i know you can get them in the UK but there was so much reduced there i couldn't help myself. i have fallen HARD for the lip creams. the soft matte in particularly is amazing - glides on so easily and stays put all day. like, does not rub off on mugs or anything. it's a tiny bit drying (hence matte) but not as much as other long-lasting lip colours i've tried. it also tastes delish and i'm definitely going to buy some more shades. the xtreme shine is really nice too - it stays glossy and opaque longer than any other lip gloss i've tried - the finish is truly something special. they're about £5 in the uk (i got them for $6, so about £3.50 in the states) and they're so worth it. finally, i ran out of make up remover and had to make a pit stop in c. o bigelow. i love klorane's dry shampoo with nettle, and i'd heard good things about their skincare, so i bought this bumper size floral water make up remover. it's got a handy pump which dispenses product onto your cotton pad, and it's so gentle but effective. no stinging, no burning, and it gets even waterproof mascara off.


Winnie said...

Oh I want to go back to NYC so much! I could spend hours in Sephora (even years later, I am still sad it's no longer on British soil - I spent many a day after school testing the perfumes and eye liners!). I remember stocking up on MAC when I went, but now I think I'd probably try harder to buy items. My sis spent a fortune on Marc by marc Jacobs make up, super pretty!

Laura said...

i'm glad you had such a great time! and you got yourself some really nice items, you've made me want to try those nyx lip creams! xx

Janelly L said...

I always like reading/watching what UK bloggers buy when they come to the US. I think it's really interesting to see what appeals to them!

Daniella C said...

fab! love the lip cream.

Amy Liddell said...

I went to NY 5 years ago I'd love to go back! Hope you had a great time

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

Audrey Allure said...

Glad you had a great time here in nyc :) Love NYX & Stila!

Aimee said...

Fab selection of products, the lip creams sound really fab.

The Belle Narrative

Sarah Lizabeth said...

I think going to the US is so dangerous to me because I'd spend waaaaay too much money ha! They have some great brands I'd love to get my hands on! Apparently MAC products are like half the price to :(
Damn uk!

Sarah xx