Sunday, 8 June 2014

covering all bases

the sun's out! kinda. let's not shout about it too much or the gods will hear us and send drizzle back over the UK, but for now, let's be happy with the bit of spring/summer we have. here in london, we've been fluctuating between weird muggy heat and actual pleasant, summery days, but even when the sun's not out in full force, SPF is always a must. i had the importance of this drummed into me pretty young by my italian family who lived in the more southern parts of the country, where it's super hot most of the year. despite being italian, a lot of family (myself included) are super fair, and i burn pretty easily if i'm not wearing any kind of protection. i can tan, but i usually use such high factor SPF it doesn't happen naturally, especially on my face. when i got back from my holiday in turkey last year, i was snow white on my face and a nice brown sugar colour on the rest of me. anyway, now it's hotting up, i'm thinking about being even more careful than ever with staying sun-safe. i've been trying the new clarins sun care oil spray for my body; SPF oils tend to make me think of those dodgy sounding 'tanning oils' you see people selling at the beach, but this is actually a proper broad spectrum SPF30, and i've worn it in heat of up to 30 degrees without a lick of red. i really like the oil formula; it's absorbed very quickly, feels light and smells really lovely. it's easy to touch up on the go and doesn't leave white residue on your various bits of apparel. two thumbs up. for face, the rolls royce of SPF has to be the chantecaille anti-glycation primer. it ain't cheap, but it sure is divine. i wore this in NYC as a pollution shield, as it helps to block free radicals and other smog-induced nasties, but with a SPF of 50, this really will keep you safe from the sun. it's also a fantastic base for make up and grips product really well; my make up always looks better for it. if you're not wanting to splash out, the soap & glory stay youthful sunscreen is also an SPF50. i like this, but found it wasn't as good under make up as the chantecaille, but at a fraction of the price, it's certainly tempting. finally, speaking of make up, the NARS pure radiant tinted moisturiser. i've written pretty extensively of my love for this, and with an SPF of 30, i love it even more in warm weather. it's such a great base and knowing i'm a little sun safer for it is the cherry on top/ i also rate the goldfaden sun visor, which is a handy spray bottle facial sunscreen. you can spritz it over make up during the day, and use it to top up the backs of your hands (people forget their hands. hands are important). also, if i was going somewhere super warm, i'd pack the institut estederm adaptasun, which helps promote a natural, healthy tan. i used estederm last summer, and you can check out my thoughts here.

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Daniella C said...

love the soap and glory!