Friday, 20 June 2014

the (luxe) body beautiful

sometimes, you feel like spoiling yourself. you know those kinds of nights you have alone at home where you're like, 'yeah, i'm gonna do every single mask i own and lie in awkward positions so i can put some super-thick body butter that doesn't really absorb too well and i'm gonna blow dry my hair and EVERYTHING'? (this might just be me being unable to function when i don't have anything to do, but i digress) now it's hot out, i have my legs out basically every day, and i've thus been a bit more aware of when they feel dry, or look a bit lacklustre. plus, in my head, i want to live a totally glossy life where every part of me is shiny and healthy (i think this is called pinterest syndrome). the reality is that i end up doing heaps of unglamorous stuff, like ironing, taking the bins out and wholly undignified aerobic exercises in a crowded gym. BUT, at least my skin looks good, amirite? i've got a few products i love for when i want my legs to look airbrushed perfect; first up, this terrifying looking contraption from sarah chapman, which is called 'the bodylift'*. it's basically a body version of her famous facial massager, which encouraged lymphatic drainage and healthy blood flow to the area. i use it on my upper thighs and backs of my calves, and - sorry dad - my derriere. it doesn't hurt at all, in fact, it's just like having a tiny mini massage. i find it helps smooth out the skin, and temporarily work away stretch marks and what have you. i've not used it regularly enough to be able to vouch for it in the long-run, but it's a nice treat nonetheless. then, for moisture, the aurelia firm and revitalise dry body oil*. don't let the name fool you, this is all about hydration. but it's not sticky, which is great. it has the lovely aurelia scent of neroli, rose and mandarin, and it makes my skin feel super soft. it gives it a kind of nourished glow, and it's a great alternative to moisturiser if you want something lighter. finally, when i'm about to head out, i love the this works skin deep golden skin elixir. it doesn't really get much more luxe than this, as this has actual 24 carat GOLD in it, but all i know is the blend of essential oils and gold make for seriously shiny legs. in a good way, not an oiled-up way. it gives you that kind of red carpet glowy skin look, like how i imagine gwyneth paltrow's elimination diet leaves her looking. as you can tell from the photo, i tried to live that life, but mm, wine and ice cream. anyway, these are my trusty trio for when i want to look totally heavenly. do you have any body faves?


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It all sounds great!