Sunday, 13 July 2014

beach bag must haves

there's no tropical holiday in my diary JUST YET. i've already been to new york and paris this year, but it ain't enough. i'm thinking san sebastián, or maybe barbados, or maybe i just ain't picky at all. either way, i've already sussed out my warm weather favourites. other than a good book (and i really recommend chimamanda ngozi adichie's 'americanah') and sunnies, there a few bases that need to be covered. first up, a really great facial sunscreen. i like institut estederm's adaptasun for the face when i want a little colour, but in strong sun, or as a primer, can't say better than chantecaille's anti-glycation primer. it packs a whopping SPF50, is totally oil and petrochemical free and feels divine on the skin. total love for this bad boy which makes my skin feel all supple and lovely. for my body, i really love adaptasun. it essentially works WITH your body to make it better at protecting itself from the sun. estderm's big belief is that a (safe) tan is actually your body's best defense against damage, and they've got years of research behind them to create this sunscreen which helps boost your melanin but blocks damaging, ageing and cancerous rays from harming you. and you get a nice tan, yay! also, people forget about sunscreen for your hair and scalp. hair can still get damaged by the sun, and go brittle or dry or have your colour kind of fried, so i like phyto's phyto plage sun veil, which is a lovely smelling spritz for the hair that has a UV filter to keep your locks lovely.

when it comes to beach make up, simple is better. when it's really hot, i don't wear anything as a base (however, french pharmacy faves la roche posay make a sunscreen called anthelios XL tinted fluid which is an SPF50 with the coverage of a BB cream, and it's amazing, and like £13 so try that) but if i want a little something to liven things up, a sweep of semi-matte bronzer helps to give me a bit of contour and definition and make my face less flat. i love this bronzer from stila, called sweet treat, which has both pinky tones and bronzed ones that you can sweep together and dust on. it's similar to benefit's sugarbomb, but half the price and less powdery, so it glides on a bit more cream-like. i also love the whole BECCA beach tint range, but the eye tints are really pretty, easy to apply and water-resistant. they give quite a sheer, wearable wash of colour that doesn't look too done.

finally, the REN vita mineral emoillent SOS cream. this is just a great all rounder - i use it as lip balm, and on dry elbows and ankles, and even as a facial moisturiser in a pinch. it's handy for when you feel baked by the sun. what do you take to the beach?


Helen G said...

that stila palette is so pretty!

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I've not been on a beach holiday in years! Though whenever i am in a hotter country (like HK for the Summer) I definitely wear less make up - Brows, Eyeliner, Suncream and perhaps a little bit of BB cream sets me up for the day.