Tuesday, 29 July 2014

curls with the babyliss soft waves tong

i have naturally curly hair. however, unlike most people with naturally curly hair, my curls are none of the following: predictable, equal in size or manageable. if i let my hair dry naturally, like, utterly untouched, i would get a nice soft wave. however, i only have time to do that on a beach holiday because it takes about six hours in the UK and ew, wet hair on my neck for that long. so i normally plump for other forms of styling; i like my babyliss big hair hot brush, or a rough blow dry with a bit of curl, but i'd been wondering for a while if i should try tongs. lots of my friends recommended them, and i found my GHDs only gave quite narrow, tight curls; i wanted big and bouncy. after some research, it looked like the soft waves from babyliss* would be best for me. it promised large, loose yet defined curls, and more importantly, quickly. i've tried this tong about twelve times now; i don't know if it was beginner's luck but the first time i tried it, the curls were fantastic. big, loose, but still bouncy, i couldn't have been happier. and it took about 10 minutes for my WHOLE HEAD. the second time wasn't so great, but i think i rushed through it.

my technique now is to do it in the morn, having washed and roughed dried my hair the night before so it's not too slippy, then get to work. it's still a really quick process, and the curls are always really even without being like utterly rigid spirals. it comes with a little heat-proof glove so you can hold the end of the section to the tong (or hover juuuust above), as tongs with a clip leave a bit of a kink. i've burnt myself three times, but that's 100% out of being careless - and we're talking tiny little red marks, not like third degree numbers. i'm clumsy enough anyway that when i told my mum i'd got these, she recoiled in horror.

overall, i'm pleased. the results are great - i do my whole head, then hairspray, then loosely shake out with my fingers to make it more undone. however, on my hair, the curls only last a day - somehow, when my hairdresser does it, they last (albeit loosening) until the next wash. if you want something that won't break the bank and is reliable, look no further.


Lizaboo said...

Ooooh I've been wanting some advice on tongs for ages!!! Thanks for this review, just what I was looking for. fabulous hair :o) x

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Maria Fallon said...

You are just beautiful!

Maria xxx

Etta said...

Your hair looks fantastic! Might have to try these when I grow my hair a bit further!