Monday, 7 July 2014

current most loved

it's not all lipsticks and blush, you know. yes, i have been to known to try and curl the eyelashes of unwilling male friends, or passive-aggressively 'gift' moisturiser to my dad, but i have a few pursuits that aren't bottled on my dressing table. that being said, i don't subscribe to this whole 'beauty or brains' dichotomy; as this tumblr user puts it, it's not like mascara glues my eyes shut so i can't read books or do algebra. so, in the spirit of this, my current loves to share are not just beauty. first of all, the reading. i recently finished a bachelor's degree in english literature, with my dissertation speciality being in psychoanalysis. the thesis may be in, but my brain's still with kristeva, freud, et al, and so i've been loving stephen grosz's 'the examined mind' - the real life case stories from grosz's therapy rooms. for the more hardcore enthusiast, the jacqueline rose reader. i had the honour of being taught by dr rose this year, and i find her staggeringly intelligent and inspirational when it comes to feminism and psychoanalysis. she's so eloquent i used to get nervous when i tried to speak up in class, gulp.

onto fashion, i fell pretty hard for this lace bralet in topshop. it was £22 (i think), and since buying it, i've seen it on countless blogs, so clearly, i'm not alone in my love for looking like a goth bridesmaid. i love how delicate the spaghetti straps and eyelash lace is - it's perfect with shorts for a festival or a fitted skirt for a fancy dinner (which i have many of, alone in my flat, while watching orange is the new black)

aaaand beauty. okay, the urban decay perversion mascara* isn't out until august, but trust me, it's worth the wait. even better when used with the subversion lash primer, this gives me the fullest, fluffiest lashes ever. it's even better than benefit's they're real! for me, because it looks more natural but doesn't lack drama. still on my eyes, the charlotte tilbury the uptown girl color coded eyeshadow quad. i'll do a tutorial later, but i love these shades and they're so long-wearing.

i've also been wearing essie's 'blanc'* on my nails continuously for weeks - it's so chic and longwearing. my skincare fave at the moment is my just-repurchased elemental herbology purify and soothe cleanser - it's balmy texture melts away dirt and leaves my skin feel really, really soft.

finally, my fragrance du jour. tom ford's violet blonde. it starts uber-feminine (and kinda sexy) and settles into a more masculine, soft scent. i find it SO sophisticated and i love having a signature scent that feels really, you know, me.


Bel said...

I feel honoured to have had a sneak preview of this! The lace bralet really is super lovely <3

Spencre Ellen said...

I'm obsessed with the They're Real?! Mascara so now I'm super excited for the urban decay edition!